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Montana Back Country Horseback Elk Hunts

Along with our Back-Country elk hunt camps in the proposed Great Burn Wilderness on the LoLo National Forest. We also work with a fellow outfitter that has camps located on the Beaverhead Deer lodge National Forest in the Big hole valley of Western Montana. This area is known to have one of the largest concentrations of elk in the state! He has outfitting rights to one hundred square miles of prime elk hunting habitat on this forest.

Gentle horses and mules are used to access our camps in these areas as there are no motorized vehicles permitted. Our camps are set up as comfortable as our forest service permit allows. Main camps are set up to accommodate 4 to 6 hunters at one time. They generally include wall tents for sleeping, equipped with wood stoves, flooring, lantern and cots. A separate wall tent for cooking and eating in provides our hunters a warm comfortable place to enjoy our home cooked meals. Our spike camps are set up to accommodate 2 hunters at one time and generally consist of one large wall tent equipped with wood stove, flooring, cots, lantern and an area to prepare meals.

During your hunt you will leave camp each day by foot or by horse. The elevation we hunt varies from 6,000 feet to 8,000 feet. It is important that you be in the best possible shape you can as it will increase your odds of being successful. The terrain we hunt is mountainous with variations of dense timber, open timber, and open meadows.

Archery Elk Hunting

Archery elk hunting is done during the elk rut in September to early October. The proven hunting methods we use are setting up and calling in big bulls and also stand hunting active wallows. Bow hunters can expect shots ranging from 20 to 60 yards.

Archery Elk Back Country Horseback – September - 7 Day Hunt 

  • $4250.00 (2 hunters / 1 guide)
  • $5250.00 (1 hunter / 1 guide)

Rifle Elk Hunting

Rifle elk hunting starts the last week of October and we hunt until the middle of November. Our successful methods for big bulls while rifle hunting includes glassing the open meadows during prime feeding times. Spot and stalk, and still hunting the open timber. Shooting distances for our rifle hunters can vary from 100 to 500 yards with shots averaging 250 yards.  

Rifle Elk Back Country Horseback – October-November - 7 Day Hunt 

  • $4250.00 (2 hunters / 1 guide)
  • $5250.00 (1 hunter / 1 guide)